Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The greatest Road Show on earth.

If you follow Shear Creativity, you already know that Black Sheep Leader of the Flock Aimee Woodall is constantly seeking adventure. She’s always like, “Hey sheep, when are we gonna take an adventure?” and we’re always like, “Stop bringing in so much awesome work, and we’ll go.” But she never does that. Dedication – it’s a bitch.

Fortunately, she took it upon herself, as she often does, to find her own adventure, and it begins April 1. She and fellow rebel Jayme Lamm (from Charity Chicks Houston) are embarking on a ten-day road trip traveling from Houston to New York City. Sure, AW lives for wacky stuff, but this is no selfish endeavor. The project called Road Show is happening all in the name of The Jed Foundation, a national organization committed to the awareness of teen suicide prevention, and that’s serious stuff.

As they travel, they’ll be stopping along the way, interviewing people and talking to them about suicide prevention. The founder of The Jed Foundation, a father whose son fell victim to suicide, feels the best way to make a difference is to ask people “What’s on your mind?,” a question he wished he had asked his son more often. At the end of the trip, they hope to have gained some insight and opened the lines of communication for people everywhere.

 On top of seeking answers and spreading awareness, they’ll also  be performing hilarious tasks and raising money for the cause. While actively communicating the whole way through Twitter, Facebook and their blog, roadshowblondes.com, they will be seeking tips and suggestions from fans about what prank to pull next, and they’ll be taking bids from people who want to support them. Some of the items they’ve already discussed include milking a cow, dressing outrageously, dancing in the street with strangers and hugging a sheep. And that’s really funny stuff.

How will it work? For instance, the girls have put skydiving on the list of activities they’d be willing to do – FOR A PRICE. So, if you, the general public and loyal fan base, decide you’d like to see them parachute through the air, put your money where your mouth is, and pay them to do it. Of course, all collected bids will go straight to The Jed Foundation.  

All in all, it’s a pretty fun, creative way to help people and affect change. If you’ve got the desire to make a difference, you can. We don’t mean to sound like an inspirational cat poster. But, if you want your company to get on the map, sometimes you have to get behind the wheel and be a driving force. Maybe you need a brand make-over or campaign that does more than talk about your “great customer service” and “solutions.” Maybe you need to get your company on social media and strike up a conversation. Or, maybe you just need to do something for a good cause and help someone else out. Whatever it is, we hope this Road Show inspires you to do it.

We’ll keep all of you posted on the latest with Jayme and Aimee, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait until they hit the road to get involved. Let us know what you think they should do and where they should go in the comments below or on their blog site!  AND, be sure to follow them at @aimeewoodall and @roadshowblondes. See ya on the road

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