Thursday, December 10, 2009

5 things Black Sheep did this year that we’ll probably do again next year

Everyone knows about New Year’s resolutions. Gross. Talk about totally disappointing yourself. We are NOT going to do it. Instead, we’re focusing on the wonderful things we’ve done, and we’re vowing to keep on doing them. It’s not that we’re perfect, but it’s easy to lose sight of what really makes a company unique, and we need to be sure to hang on to those idiosyncrasies tightly. You too can learn from patting yourself on the back and making an effort to not change a bit.

Here are the things you can expect from us next year.

1. Being perfectionists. Like I said, we’re not perfect, be we know what we want, and we’re not willing to compromise. Our logo took nearly SIX MONTHS to come to fruition, and it’s not because we work with slow designers. It’s because deciding on a logo was like picking out a prom dress. A lot of them may fit, but you know when it’s “the one.” The color’s perfect, it’s not like everyone else’s and it totally speaks to your personality. Everyone will be jealous. And that’s exactly what happened with our branding.

2. Ignoring the riff-raff. When you’re the one doing things a little differently, people are going to pay attention – and that’s a good thing. But with all the hype and praise, you’re going to encounter derision and what we like to call “hating.” And that’s okay, because it means you’re doing your job. Don’t let bad press or snide comments set you back. Haters are going to hate! Soon, the dust will settle and your antagonists’ animosity will subside… if they’re smart. Take it from the Black Sheep – we don’t give a s#$t what people say, and we’re much happier for it.

3. Keeping up with the Jones.’ No, we’re not trying to one-up the neighbors, but we are always staying informed. News, pop culture, politics, music, books, trends – you name it, we learn about it. It’s part of our daily routine, and it makes us better at understanding the people we’re trying to reach out to – the general public! What are other advertisers doing? Does it work? Would it work for our clients? Maybe! Staying aware gives us more brainstorming power, more fresh ideas and it guarantees we’ll sound smart at cocktail party. Which is totally clutch.

4. Networking. Meeting new people is obviously an asset to a business – it’s how we meet people, get referrals and make connections. It also allows us to participate in all the fun local events and be aware of the different scenes throughout the city. We’ve met so many awesome lads and ladies this year, and we’re definitely looking forward to keeping those relationships and building new ones. Seeing our faces in the social section isn’t so bad either.

So what do you think? Are you going to forgo the New Year’s resolution this time? What will you be doing in 2010 that you’re already doing? We can’t wait for 2010 and exploring all the new and exciting ways we can do what we do best – be ourselves!

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