Friday, December 18, 2009

It's the most wonderful commercial time of the year

Trees. Decorations. Food. Families. Traditions. Carolers. Peace. Of course these are all important parts of the holiday season. But, amidst all the hustle and bustle, we can’t lose sight of what’s most important.


And really, we wouldn’t have presents without something even greater than all of that.

Commercials.  How would we know what to buy?

Holiday advertisements are like the marketing play-offs leading up to the Super Bowl of television commercial airing, which is, of course, the Super Bowl. It’s the time for all retailers far and wide to spread their message, show their potential customers how their products will add meaning and romance to their holiday and remind us all how important it is to make lots of purchases.

This year is no exception. In fact, we’re pretty impressed with quite a few campaigns going on right now.

GAP – Gap has always had a knack for seasonal promotion, and their ads really haven’t changed much over the years. What was once flat-front khakis is now plaid button-downs, but they’re basically still the same people dancing around an empty room. Only what’s great about this year is the ‘Holiday Cheer’ theme they have going featuring actual holiday cheers. You know, as in CHEERleaders. It’s clever! They even have a cheer factory and few viral videos which are pretty great. Maybe we’re a sucker for rhymes, or maybe we just like organized dances and those adorable little girls with boots. Whatever it is, it’s a great way to sell holiday spirit without the sap.

TARGET – It’s hard to put our fingers on what makes these ads so fantastic. It’s just dry humor and awkwardness at its best. No cheese. No predictable storylines. And yet somehow they get their point (save on  gifts at Target without sacrificing quality) without sounding pushy, saccharin or irritating. This is truly a modern, funny campaign.

LEXUS – Normally we hate car commercials. They tend to be over-glorified, unrealistic and pointless. But the December to Remember campaign is pretty good. It’s sentimental without being TOO mushy, and the videography is interesting. It’s just a nice holiday commercial that speaks to the brands class and elegance.

BURGER KING – This one is phenomenal. Recognizing that no matter how great their food is, nobody wants a cheeseburger as a gift, they are suggesting you give them to the people you care about LEAST. There’s nothing we appreciate more than a company that doesn’t take themselves too seriously, and this takes it to a whole new level. Loves it.

And then, there are the losers.

Jewelry commercials – It’s been said before, but these are the worst. Kay…  Zales… whoever else is out there that makes diamond-studded heart-shaped necklaces. Stop. Your products are dated and so are your commercials. You’re going on the naughty list until further notice.

Do you agree with our holiday commercial assessment? Do you have any other favorites or naughty list contenders? Let us know!

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