Monday, February 1, 2010

Flip the Dog: Black Sheep's Pet Cause

Sometimes what seems like a bad situation turns into something really positive. You don’t have to tell Black Sheep about that – we’re living proof. Last weekend another opportunity fell into our lap, and we couldn’t ignore the feeling that we had to do something.

Somebody one of us knows all too well had a dog. An adorable one-year-old Beagle who we’ll call Flip. And then this person decided she’d had enough with the dog. It ate her red lipstick. HORROR! Without even cleaning off the puppy, she took it to the animal shelter. She was done.

When we found out this had happened, we were devastated. Taking an animal to the pound is basically a death sentence. Knowing that no one in the company could take on another pet (we’re all animal lovers at maximum capacity), we decided to use our social media and PR powers for good and save this puppy… and help the animal shelter once and for all.

We decided to create Flip the Dog, an organization that essentially “flips” dogs.

We called the Rita B. Huff Animal Shelter where Flip resided and agreed to find Flip new ownership and help spread awareness about their cause in exchange for his life. Rita B. Huff is a great organization, and they’re passionate about helping animals, but they are overloaded with animals because they are in desperate need of a new shelter. Based on the numbers they receive, they need about 3.5 million dollars to create a new place to accommodate them. Right now, they have to put animals down at an alarming rate, and that makes us very, very sad.

So what can you do to help? First of all, check out these adorable pictures of Flip.

Then, spread the word as fast as you can and help us flip Flip. He is FREE to a good home and will be fixed on Tuesday, so please, if you’re considering a new pet, pick him.

Furthermore, if you’re feeling generous and need a “pet cause” of your own, get in touch with us and find out how you can help Flip the Dog, Rita B. Huff or another Houston-area animal shelter.

At Black Sheep, we’re rooting for the underdog.  

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