Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Flock About Town

Black Sheep. It’s the name of the newest agency in town… but why? What does it mean? And do we really need another marketing firm in Houston?

You’ve heard of black sheep before. It’s the metaphor for those of us who don’t comply with social norms… who stick out… who make the neighbors nervous. And that’s why it’s the perfect name for our company. The thing is, we have a little bit different approach to marketing than the other guys. We don’t have a four-step process. We don’t do the same thing for everyone.

Nope. We think about YOU – the client – and your clients. And then we think some more. We take a moment to digest everything that might be important to the success of your business and we put together a plan specifically designed to make it happen. Maybe it’s an event… and so then we’ll contact the media and Twitter and place ads all over town and hire piano-playing monkeys to put on a recital in the lobby of your building. Maybe we’ll send packages to your #1 target person containing ransom notes for his pen you borrowed last May at a conference in exchange for his attendance at your birthday party. Whatever. It might not make sense for the next person, but the point is, it makes sense for you.

And sometimes there’s a risk involved. Monkeys are unpredictable. But you know what? Monkeys get noticed. And isn’t that what it’s all about? So many marketing campaigns these days are centered around looking “corporate” and “clean.” I mean, we can do that – but if you want to blow away your competition – we don’t recommend it.

Is it starting to make sense? Yeah, we make people nervous (cause we’re awesome and a little outrageous). Yeah, we stick out (see previous paragraph). And we don’t follow these old-timey, antiquated rules for marketing that other companies live and breathe by. We just don’t believe in it.

But we do believe we can help you. Whatever your business, whatever your goals, we bring a fresh perspective to your approach. So be rebellious. Meet us for lunch. We’d be happy to brainstorm and get some ideas flowing. The neighbors never even have to know.

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