Tuesday, September 8, 2009

This $*%# is Bananas

Since the inception of Black Sheep, we’ve taken our no-holds-barred, rebellious message to the streets. While the response has been “right on!” for the most part, when we explain how we engage in outrageous, unexpected tactics and guerilla marketing, there is still a lingering “huh?” in the air. And, that’s to be expected. Guerilla marketing has been a buzzword in the industry for a while now, and it’s often thrown around without full understanding… and if you’re not experienced in marketing, well, it sounds like a bunch of monkey business.

And that’s the inherent problem with this homophonic enigma. It’s not about being a gorilla. It’s guerilla… you know… as in warfare? Guerilla marketing is marketing which uses the element of surprise, allowing you (the business) to interact with your consumer in a way that’s unexpected. To catch them off-guard and make them say “Whaaaaaaaat?!?” To force them to yield to your message and not just stand in line for the next line of advertising ammunition from your competitors. Get it? The advantage to this is that while you probably see a million ads and commercials every day, you probably ignore most of it, and a successful guerilla campaign doesn’t give you that passive opportunity.

You don’t have to be stupid and crazy. You don’t have to be an idiot in a costume passing out flyers. That is the opposite of what we’re talking about. And it doesn’t mean you should forget advertising. What you should do is focus on how to take these traditional marketing mediums and turn them into something that grabs attention. Like this. Silly only works when it’s strategic. And then it really works.

And it works in layers. When you show your consumers that you know how to reach them in a new and interesting way, they not only get the message, they recognize your business as one that thinks creatively and possibly has a sense of humor… an understanding and connection to its supporters. It gives your company image… an identifiable personality… and helps you appeal to PEOPLE – not mass audiences.

Wanna learn how you can use guerilla marketing to boost your business? We’re full of ideas and advice. Email us at aimee@theblacksheepagency.com.

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